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March, 2024
Spotlight Interview Episode 3: Kinetikos Health
Kinetikos Health has the spotlight in the 3rd episode. Welcome Luis Rodrigues, Kinetikos Health, Co-founder and CEO.

Spotlight Interview Series is where you can find success stories from companies that 3xP Global is proudly supporting. Kinetikos Health has the spotlight in the 3rd episode. Welcome Luis Rodrigues (LR), Kinetikos Health, Co-founder and CEO.

Kinetikos Health is a multi-awarded digital health company based in Portugal that develops digital solutions to support clinical decisions. Kinetikos Health started the Movement Disorders’ journey by assisting healthcare providers and patients in the management of Parkinson’s Disease (PD), through an evidence-based platform and mobile app, that enables passively the continuous measurement of disease progression and patients’ symptoms without the need for wearable sensors or patients’ self-reporting. But let us know them better through Luis Rodrigues’ words...

3xP: To begin, could you please provide us with an overview of Kinetikos Health business model? And, which is the problem it aims to solve in the healthcare industry?

LR: Mobility is frequently referred to as the "sixth vital sign" due to its capacity for foresee significant health consequences in later adulthood (or in elderly population). Nevertheless, the clinical assessment and management do not usually take mobility into account. In order to convert mobility into objective data that has the potential to significantly affect people's lives, Kinetikos Health includes it as a functional vital sign.

Without the need for wearable sensors or patient self-reporting, Kinetikos Health initiated the journey toward movement disorders by supporting medical professionals and patients with an evidence-based, medical-grade platform and mobile app that enables passively the continuous measurement of disease progression and patients' symptoms. Our focus now is to also bring Mobility metrics to the Healthy Ageing domain, with an initial focus on Risk of Fall and Excess Weight and Obesity Therapeutic Areas. The model is to charge an annual subscription fee, typical of a SaaS platform, for access and use of our platform and mobile app.


3xP: How does Kinetikos Health differentiate itself from competitors in the market, and what is its competitive advantage?

LR: One of the biggest assets of our solution is that it can track mobility without the need for wearables. Based on existing research, wearable sensor dropout rates typically hover around 60% after six months; however, with mKinetikos, that percentage is ten times lower at 6%. The ability to track users' physical activity throughout the day and give them insights into their general health and well-being is Kinetikos' primary competitive advantage.

3xP: Looking ahead, what is Kinetikos Health's strategy for growth and expansion in the coming years?

LR: I like to highlight Ricardo's words about this (our co-founder and CIO): Physical activity, defined as any bodily movement requiring energy expenditure, is pivotal in promoting and safeguarding mental and physical health, benefiting individuals of all ages and abilities. Today, a significant portion of our healthcare costs are linked to preventable conditions, many of which can be mitigated through regular physical activity.

A crucial method to address this is by empowering individuals with data about their own bodies, enabling them to take proactive steps towards a healthy lifestyle and optimal well-being. Understanding how our choices influence key health biomarkers in real-time - and more broadly comprehending our own physical health - is foundational for optimal health and longevity. Later this year, Kinetikos intends to launch its app in the US market, and we are currently seeking partnerships to help us hit the ground running.
Luís Rodrigues and Ricardo Matias - Kinetikos Health Founders

3xP: To end, would you like to share upcoming milestones or developments that you’re working on?

LR: In 2020, Kinetikos Health was the first Portuguese SME to lead a Horizon 2020 Healthcare project. In 2022, Kinetikos was also involved in H2020 Neurosense consortium. More recently, it was one of the SMEs chosen for funding under the DESIRE initiative. By leveraging the tools and assistance provided by the DESIRE program, Kinetikos Health is set to expand its presence in third countries, thus reinforcing its position in the global healthcare market


Thank you, Luís, for enlightening us with valuable insights into Kinetikos Health's business and plans. We look forward to witnessing your continued success.

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