In order to ensure that its activity is conducted in accordance with the values of Integrity and Excellence, 3XP Global provides its employees and other stakeholders with independent and anonymous channels for reporting any circumstance, fact or behavior of which they are aware (even if there is only a suspicion and provided that this is reasonable and well-founded) that it constitutes the practice of an irregularity (illegal, illicit, and fraudulent activities).

The Whistleblowing reporting channels provided by 3XP Global allow the participation/reporting of irregularities, which must/can be submitted at any time through the following:

. Email to  
. Registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, addressed to the Compliance Department, to:
Rua Alexandre Herculano, 25 R/C – 1250-008 Lisboa

The rules for receiving, registering, processing, following up, and storing reports of irregularities received at 3XP Global are set out in the Whistleblowing Policy.
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