December 2020
Sustainable Innovation Fund - A Pure ESG Fund
Grosvenor launched the Sustainable Innovation Fund to support projects and domestic companies that are innovative, differentiated and sustainable.

Grosvenor – House of Investments has just launched the Sustainable Innovation Fund (SIF), its first Innovation Fund for Sustainability in Portugal, whose main objective is to support projects and domestic companies that are innovative, differentiated and committed to Sustainability, thus contributing positively and decisively to a sustainable ecosystem that must travel this path, more and more mandatory and regulated.

“Now, more than ever, Sustainability issues in their countless aspects, and the Valuation of a new Green Economy, are unavoidable themes. With the launch of this innovative Fund, we intend that there will be a direct and positive effect on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which will inevitably be part of the metrics in our analysis of companies that we will follow. ”, stresses Duarte Costa, Grosvenor Founder & Managing Partner.

Duarte Costa concludes: “We intend to guarantee long-term value creation, increasing the degree of resilience and flexibility of Portuguese companies, in at the same time that we reduce volatility facing external factors impact to its activity. We believe that Sustainable Investments are clearly Investments of the future – in all levels – to be done in the present. Hence our positioning, this our bet with the launch of the Fund “Sustainable Innovation, FCR.”

“Sustainable Innovation, FCR” is a fund guided by the United Nations Responsible Investment Principles (UN PRI), which focuses on investment commitments Research; Business development, ensuring the integration of factors environmental, social and governance aspects in the non-financial analysis of investment. During the investment, detailed monitoring is provided with regular measurement of Sustainability performance indicators, according with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards.

Grosvenor – House of Investments is a Portuguese venture capital company, whose position is centered focused on Sustainable and Impact Investments, namely in the areas of the Economy of the Sea, Renewable Energies, Health, Agriculture, Industry and Life Sciences.

“We believe that a global system of responsible investment, economically efficient, but also sustainable, it is the only way to create long-term value and, above all, to effectively benefit the environment and society as a whole! ” Grosvenor House of Investments

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