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July, 2023
shIfthappens 3rd Edition Acceleration Program Showcases Many Promising Impact Entrepreneurship Projects
Empowering Positive Change and Sustainability through Innovative Ventures

shIfthappens 3rd Edition Acceleration Program, promoted by shIft happens, has come to an end. Amongst the diverse range of projects, the Top 3 outstanding ventures were: Kissing the Earth, Mind the Locals, and Artivist.

Each of these projects tackles crucial global challenges and contributes to building a more sustainable future:

1. Kissing the Earth: This initiative focuses on regenerative agriculture, promoting sustainable farming practices that restore the health of our planet. By nurturing the earth and adopting eco-friendly agricultural techniques, Kissing the Earth is committed to cultivating a more resilient and harmonious relationship with nature.

2. Mind the Locals: Recognizing the vital role of sustainable tourism in preserving cultural heritage and empowering local communities, Mind the Locals seeks to create travel experiences that are ethical, responsible, and mutually beneficial. Through conscious tourism practices, the project aims to ensure the well-being of both travelers and the destinations they visit.

3. Artivist: Committed to making a difference through creativity and social impact, Artivist is pioneering an alternative financing model for social organizations. By combining art and activism, the project aspires to raise awareness, support causes, and drive positive change through innovative fundraising initiatives.

The shIfthappens program has been a true testament to the power of impact entrepreneurship in driving meaningful change. Over the course of the acceleration path, 10 remarkable projects have received support and mentorship, enabling them to transform their ideas into sustainable ventures. Bárbara Leão de Carvalho mentored several entrepreneurs, and Miguel J. Martins integrated the final jury. Both played a pivotal role in evaluating and selecting the most promising projects, promoting valuable insights and commitment to fostering positive social impact. It was a remarkable journey, witnessing the profound impact of entrepreneurship projects that aim to bring positive change to our world.

As 3xP Global bid farewell to the 3rd edition of shIfthappens, we eagerly look forward to witnessing the upcoming accomplishments of these exceptional projects. Their passion, dedication, and innovative approaches inspire us, and we are confident that they will continue making significant contributions to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

We also commend the shIfthappens team for their unwavering dedication to empowering impact entrepreneurship. Together, we celebrate the success of this edition and eagerly anticipate the next edition, where more visionary entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to drive positive change and transform our world for the better.

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