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March, 2024
Rita Branco Engages in Executive Program on Sustainability: A Corporate Journey
3xP Global remains committed to leveraging its expertise and resources to drive positive impact.

Rita Branco, Impact Investments Partner at 3xP Global, recently participated in the Executive Program: Sustainability, A Corporate Journey, hosted by Grace and ISEG. This program provided an invaluable platform for exploring the intricacies of sustainability within the corporate landscape.

During her participation, Rita contributed with insights on Impact Investments, delving into discussions encompassing philanthropy, impact measurement, and the role of global impact funds. Her engagement added depth and perspective to the discourse, enriching the overall learning experience for all participants.

Reflecting on her involvement, Rita - on behalf of 3xP Global - expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to vital conversations among an interested and motivated group. She highlighted the pleasure of engaging with peers and industry experts, exchanging ideas and best practices in the pursuit of sustainable business practices.

As sustainability continues to gain prominence in corporate agendas, Rita Branco remains committed to driving positive change and fostering impactful initiatives within 3xP Global and beyond. Through her participation in the Executive Program, Rita Branco exemplifies 3xP Global's dedication to staying at the forefront of sustainability practices and contributing meaningfully to the advancement of sustainable business strategies.

As 3xP Global continues to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability and impact investments, Rita Branco's insights and contributions serve as valuable assets in shaping the company's approach and fostering a culture of sustainability-driven innovation.

Moving forward, 3xP Global remains committed to leveraging its expertise and resources to drive positive impact, guided by the principles of sustainability and corporate responsibility.

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