March 2022
PeekMed® 1st ESG Report
PeekMed® publishes its 1st ESG Report pursuing a sustainable and green strategy.

PeekMed® a global Medtech company, part of Grosvenor’s investee companies, has just released its 1st ESG Report: More sustainable healthcare.

With a strong belief that companies’ nonfinancial data is just as important as classical financial data, the company has invested the time to perform an introspective analysis on how we can move forward and make a difference.

This report analyses PeekMed’s operations since its creation, in 2015, with a deeper analysis of the year 2021. As a MedTech company, PeekMed seeks to establish a trend on an issue of high importance to bring both health and safety to the ecosystem.

João Pedro Ribeiro Co-Founder & CEO of the company states: “Presenting an ESG in the healthcare industry is an important reporting framework, as we are impacting not only the team members that work with the company, but we are improving the lives and health of people who use our products too. An ESG is more than a sustainability report. It’s a commitment to environmental and social improvement, fundamental for being socially responsible.”

Congratulations PeekMed. Clearly one more step towards success.

PeekMed complete ESG Report is available for consultation here.

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