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February, 2023
Miguel J. Martins talked about sustainable tourism at APECATE 11th Congress
Miguel J. Martins highlighted the importance about sustainability and good experiences in the tourism sector

On February 1st Miguel J. Martins talked about sustainability in the tourism sector at the APECATE (Associação Portuguesa de Empresas de Congressos, Animação Turística e Eventos) Congress.

APECATE Congress took place at Elvas and aimed to discuss the greater and better knowledge about the options and paths that organizers of congresses, events and activities of touristic animation will have to explore and tread in order to build their future.

The focus of Miguel J. Martins participation was to highlight that sustainability is the only way to assure our survival, it's not a trend.

“The new tourist invests in transformational experiences and impact that is beneficial for communities and nature… technology is important but should not be intrusive.” stated Miguel J. Martins during his intervention at the Congress.

How can sustainability help craft touristic offerings that cater to such demands? That was the vision that Miguel shared at the APECATE 11th Congress in Elvas.

It was a pleasure and good thoughts ahead!

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