September 2020
How to translate Investment and Sustainability into practical actions?
Sustainable Development doesn’t just exist in business,financial operations or business ideas.

How do you define Sustainability?

Sustainability is synonymous with present and future integrated in a profitable and lasting way. Our partner BCSD Portugal defines Sustainability as “the ability to meet our needs in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Thus, Investment, Development and Sustainability must go hand in hand. The only form of fair and future development is when we talk about Sustainable Development.

Sustainable Development doesn’t just exist in business,financial operations or business ideas. It is the responsibility of all financial, economic, social, environmental and professional agents – from employment, to cities, to companies or to the green economy, everything translates into Sustainable Development.

At Grosvenor Investments we believe and work to promote agents that catalyze the best principles and practices of Sustainability, as well as Sustainable Investments, which are absolutely mandatory in this new standard shared worldwide. Thus, to talk about Sustainable

Development, it is crucial to analyze and combine the following aspects:

. Environmental Sustainability, dedicated to the way natural resources are managed, be it water, air or soil, preserving biodiversity;

. Social Sustainability that focuses on human rights and equal opportunities, promoting from social inclusion to cultural diversity;

. Economic Sustainability with a focus on generating sustainable wealth and balanced and fair organizations.

And, in practice, how do these areas come together and act?

When we talk about sustainable development, it must have environmental, social and economic components. Therefore, concepts like green economy, sustainable cities or sustainable jobs cannot live alone. A sustainable economy or society must respect and include values ​​of respect,integrity, transparency and efficiency. The same paradigm is translated for investments,which want to be sustainable in the long term.

Still on the theme of sustainable and responsible cities, we have, in Portugal, the excellent example of Lisbon that won the Capital Verde2020 award. To receive this distinction, Lisbon has evolved in all environmental parameters. Awarded by the European Commission since 2010, the title of Green Capital recognizes the important role of cities and local authorities in protecting the environment, as well as their high level of commitment to sustainable progress.

Lisbon is the first city in southern Europe to win this award, awarded so far only to Northern Europe, such as Copenhagen, Stockholm, Ljulbljana and Oslo. Portugal is on the sustainability route, with many good examples of sustainable development.

It is mandatory to grow in a sustainable way. The future is now drawing and it is urgent to think about it in an even more integrated and responsible way. Ideas, investments, cities, companies, jobs and sustainable economies will be the basis of an agile, profitable and sustainable society –with a long-term future built on solid innovative ideas that respect the environment and each individual that integrates the entire social, environmental or economic structure.

Grow Sustainable, The Time is Now!

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