January 2022
Heróis PME 4th Edition, celebrating Portuguese companies
Grosvenor partners with Heróis PME award to promote innovation and sustainability in Portugal

Applications for the 4th Edition of Heróis PME are now open!

This incredible initiative by YUNIT Consulting, which Grosvenor proudly supports, aims to reward the vision, courage and innovation capacity of Portuguese SMEs.

Applications run until the end of January 2022 and this edition presents, for the first time, a barometer on national SMEs and two new categories: Sustainability and Digital Transformation.

Heróis PME Award was developed by Yunit Consulting and was created with the aim of celebrating the courage of Portuguese companies, distinguishing them and making the life stories of entrepreneurs and their companies known to the public.

This 2022 edition has new dynamics, including:

1. The launch of the Heróis PME Barometer, which will be the first study carried out within the scope of the Heróis PME Award on Portuguese SMEs and which will present recovery indicators, understand how companies have adapted to the context challenge of the pandemic and outline a vision of the near future.

2. Creation of two new assessment categories – Factor S (Sustainability) - created and supported by Grosvenor - and Digital Transformation, which aim to highlight sustainability and digital transformation as differentiating factors in the competitiveness of companies.

In the last three editions, Heróis PME Award has received more than 300 applications from sectors as diverse as agribusiness, manufacturing, real estate, ICT or health, which, according to the person responsible for the initiative, demonstrates that the challenge posed to small and medium-sized companies was well accepted by all.

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