June 2022
Grosvenor becomes 3xP Global
The team has grown, the Investments have evolved, but our Sustainable and Impactful purposes stay the same.

Well now 3 X. 3xP Global will continue to play its part, focusing its business on sustainable investments.

This new 3XP Global identity is based on three essential pillars, fully aligned with the company's mission and positioning:

(P)erson - where it all begins. They are the ones who most benefit from the best best sustainable practices and, therefore, confer a greater sense of responsibility and pressure to act quickly;

(P)lanet - advocating a sustainable approach to the planet, a careful balance the resources of our only "home" with the needs of people, without compromising people, without compromising ecosystems, preserving them for future generations;

(P)rosperity - the involvement of all stakeholders, by broadening their actions, promoting an enormous respect for environmental and environmental and social boundaries. This premise is the basis that will ensure shared prosperity and the prosperity and the fulfillment of everyone's hopes and dreams.

In this sense, the new 3xP Global, with the signature We stand for, comes to precisely strengthen the company's active position in the commitment to lead the best sustainability practices throughout all investment processes. From moment 0.

See the latest news about our new identity below and at this link.

Source: Vida Económica
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