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November, 2023
Empowering Innovation: 3xP Global Joins Forces as Jurors in Impactful Events
The Gap in Between and Empowering Women in Agrifood received 3xP Global team

At 3xP Global, we are active contributors to the thriving landscape of innovation and entrepreneurship. Recently, we had the privilege of integrating different juries at two remarkable events, further solidifying our commitment to fostering impactful projects and individuals in the ecosystem.

The Gap In Between: Nurturing Food Tech Innovation

The first event, organized by the Social Nest Foundation, titled "The Gap In Between," opened its doors to us as jurors for the Food Tech pitching session. Positioned at the table and on the stage were powerful individuals and projects that are reshaping the landscape of impact entrepreneurship. We extend our sincere gratitude to Alberto Criado from Cardumen Capital, Catalina Valencia Zuluaga from KM ZERO Food Innovation Hub, and Gian Maria Bruno from Danone for their esteemed company.

The collective experience of being part of the jury at "The Gap In Between" was a testament to the strength of collaborative efforts in driving impactful change. As we continue to power the role of impact entrepreneurship and investing in society, we acknowledge the vital role played by these events in bringing together visionaries and game-changers.

Empowering Women in Agrifood Program: Celebrating Innovation and Dedication

The second event, the "Empowering Women in Agrifood Program," culminated in a grand finale that showcased the dedication and innovation of ten passionate women and their teams. Portugal Bugs, Real Vines, and Agrenatus emerged as standout contributors, showcasing outstanding dedication and innovative solutions.

The final event featured an enlightening panel discussion moderated by Inês Santos Silva. The discussion brought together Pedro Conceição from FoodHack Lisbon and kencko, Luísa Cruz from MicroHarvest, Fernanda Vasconcelos from Nolita Food, with Miguel J. Martins as a key member of the jury. The panel delved into crucial insights on sustainability and innovation, leaving all attendees inspired and motivated.

Miguel J. Martins - jury at Empowering Women in Agrifood Program

A Celebration of Innovation and Dedication: Hats off to everyone involved for their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on our world.

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