September, 2023
Barbara Leão Carvalho at Lisbon Unicorn Capital Event
Lisbon Unicorn Capital unlocks our capital innovation ecosystem potential impact

At the recent Lisbon Unicorn Capital event held at Heden Santa Apolónia, Barbara Leão Carvalho, shared insightful thoughts. The event, which focused on cleantech solutions and their potential impact on Lisbon's innovation ecosystem, provided a platform for thought leaders to share their views on transformative opportunities.

Barbara's participation in the event underscored 3xP Global commitment to driving positive change through impact investments. The event served as an open and engaging conversation about the numerous opportunities presented by cleantech solutions. As the world increasingly grapples with environmental challenges, the importance of sustainable and clean technologies cannot be overstated. Lisbon, with its vibrant innovation ecosystem, is ideally positioned to embrace and benefit from these opportunities.

Barbara Leão Carvalho was not the only speaker at the event. The presence of other distinguished individuals like Federico Cristoforoni, Filipe Reina Fernandes, and Carla Portela added diverse perspectives and enriched the discussions. The collective wisdom shared by these speakers undoubtedly contributed to the event's success, fostering discussions on topics of great relevance is commendable and instrumental in advancing the innovation agenda in Lisbon.

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