October 2022
Banco Português de Fomento selects 3xP Global to invest €30,000,000
3xP Global is one of the Venture Capital Companies selected by BPF to boost investments within Consolidar Program

BPF approves 14 applications for the Consolidar Program boosting a minimum investment of €752 M in company capitalization

Of the 33 applications, with investment intentions of more than 1,300 million euros, submitted by Venture Capital Companies and Venture Capital Management Companies (SCR), 14 applications were approved, corresponding to FdCR investment operations in the total amount of 500 millions of euros.

3xP Global, within the scope of its Health and Life Sciences Fund, was one of the Venture Capital Companies selected under this programme, with an investment approved by Banco Português de Fomento of €30,000,000.

3XP Global will launch an investment fund specializing in Life Sciences, focused on later stage investment opportunities, with a key role in the robustness of the capital structure of national players in this area and in supporting R&D, expansion and globalization. The application identifies a high level of fragmentation in the sector that encourages consolidation operations. We will continue to move forward confident that the path of sustainable and impactful investments is our path.

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