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March, 2024
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3xP Global Supports Sustainability Through Casa do Impacto's Acceleration Program

Casa do Impacto's TRIGGERS aceleration program serves as a catalyst for sustainable solutions, fostering innovation and impact within communities. Through this program, individuals and organizations are empowered to develop and implement projects aimed at addressing environmental challenges while maximizing their potential for positive change. It's a platform that not only nurtures ideas but also provides the necessary resources and support to bring them to fruition.

For 3xP Global, aligning with TRIGGERS represents a strategic decision rooted in their dedication to making a tangible difference in the world. By supporting initiatives like TRIGGERS, 3xP Global not only contributes to the advancement of environmental sustainability but also aligns with the broader global agenda outlined by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Through TRIGGERS, individuals and organizations can access resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities to bring their sustainability projects to life. Whether it's innovative technologies, policy advocacy, or community engagement, TRIGGERS provides the necessary support for projects with the potential to make a significant difference.

The program has the support of Câmara Municipal de Cascais, Galp, EDP, Ageas Portugal and 3xP Global.

Join the movement and apply here.

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