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September, 2023
3xP Global Sustainable and Impact Investments path in Spain
Know more of 3xP Global activities in the Spanish Market

With a strong focus on Portugal, Spain, and Italy, 3xP Global is prioritizing sustainable, health, and impact investments int these countries. We shed light on our notable presence in Spain, a key market for us, and highlight some key events where our Spanish team members, Oscar Sala and Monica Mateu, joined.

1. Pier07 Health Afterwork - Tech Barcelona Collaboration

3xP Global's commitment to impact investments was on full display at the Pier07 Health Afterwork event, which was co-organized by Tech Barcelona, one of our close partners, and Capital Cell. This event served as a testament to our dedication to fostering collaboration within the impact investment ecosystem. It was an evening filled with celebration and discussions on the future of impact investments, particularly in the health sector.

Pier07 Health Afterwork

2. International Alzheimer's Day with acceXible

Our participation in the International Alzheimer's Day, coinciding with the Pier07 Health Afterwork, underscored 3xP Global commitment to addressing critical healthcare issues. We believe that sustainable healthcare solutions are vital for societal well-being, leading to innovative projects and initiatives in Spain.

3. trifermed Awards 2023

Mónica Mateu, our Investment Manager, was present at the prestigious trifermed Awards 2023, a landmark event in the Spanish health ecosystem. These awards recognized outstanding dedication to healthcare innovation and social impact. It was an evening where collaboration and inspiration thrived, setting the stage for a future characterized by healthcare innovation and societal well-being.

trifermed Awards winners and organization

4. Zigurat Talks: Sustainable Futures Empowered by Technology

Oscar Sala, leading our DeepTech Investment area, took the stage at Zigurat Talks. The event's focus on "Sustainable Futures Empowered by Technology" aligns perfectly with 3xP Global investment philosophy. Oscar explored how cutting-edge innovations are reshaping the healthcare landscape while emphasizing sustainability. This event was a prime opportunity to engage with forward-thinking leaders in the field and share our insights on the intersection of technology, sustainability, and impact investments.

3xP Global's presence in Spain is marked by a strong commitment to sustainable, health, and impact investments. Stay tuned for more updates as we work towards a brighter and more socially responsible financial landscape in Spain and beyond.

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