July, 2023
3xP Global Welcomes New Additions to the Legal & Compliance Team
Margarida Begonha and Liliana Neves join the 3xP Global Family

3xP Global is delighted to announce the recent addition of two highly experienced professionals, Margarida Begonha and Liliana Neves, to our Legal & Compliance area. Their exceptional expertise and specialized track record in various legal domains, including corporate and commercial, labor, financial, data protection, and regulatory matters, bring valuable assets to our team.

As a company that upholds the principles of People, Planet, and Prosperity, compliance with legal regulations and ethical standards is of paramount importance. With the complex and ever-changing legal landscape, the arrival of Margarida and Liliana will enable us to navigate these challenges seamlessly, ensuring our dedication to the highest standards of compliance.

Margarida Begonha brings with her an extensive background in corporate and commercial law, having successfully advised numerous companies on complex legal matters. Her passion for sustainable and ethical business practices aligns perfectly with the values at the core of 3xP Global's mission.

Liliana Neves is a seasoned professional with a proven track record in labor, financial, data protection, and regulatory affairs. Her in-depth knowledge of these areas will be instrumental in guiding us through the intricacies of legal and compliance obligations.

"We are thrilled to have Margarida and Liliana on board," said Duarte Costa, Founder & Managinf Partner of 3xP Global. "Their addition to the team strengthens our ability to provide the highest level of legal expertise and uphold our commitment to responsible business practices. With their valuable contributions, 3xP looks forward to achieving new heights and making a positive impact on People, Planet, and Prosperity."

The passion and dedication of both professionals are matched only by their alignment with the core values that define 3xP Global's vision. Together, they will contribute significantly to the company's mission of fostering a sustainable and responsible future.

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