February, 2024
3xP Global Welcomes Constança Travassos: A New Impact Investments Team Member
Impact Investments Team is reinforced by Constança with great experience aligning business objectives with environmental and societal stewardship.

The 3xP Global team proudly introduces Constança Travassos as the latest addition to our Impact Investments Partner roster. Constança brings a robust background in innovative business solutions geared towards fostering positive societal and environmental impacts. With experience gained from her tenure at Accenture's Sustainability Strategy team and involvement with Business for Nature, she is poised to contribute significantly to our mission.

Constança Travassos: A Catalyst for Change.

Constança Travassos's professional journey is characterized by a commitment to driving transformative change through business initiatives. Her experience at Accenture's Sustainability Strategy team provided her with valuable insights into aligning business objectives with environmental and societal stewardship. Similarly, her involvement with Business for Nature underscores her dedication to advocating for sustainable corporate practices.

Constança Travassos

Alignment with 3xP Global'sMission: Constança's values and expertise are closely aligned with 3xPGlobal's mission. As an organization focused on supporting impactful start-ups that balance profitability with positive societal and environmental contributions, Constança's insights will enhance our ability to identify and nurture ventures that drive meaningful change.

We extend a warm welcome to Constança Travassos as she joins our team. With her passion for effecting positive change through business and her wealth of experience, we are excited about the contributions she will make to our mission. Together, we look forward to continuing our growth trajectory and making a tangible difference in the world.

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