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October, 2023
3xP Global partners with Nova Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center
Impact Investments are the way and 3xP Global is thriving to promote them.

3xP Global is delighted to announce a new and transformative partnership with Nova Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center. This collaboration is a significant step forward in our mission to empower social innovation organizations and foster a brighter, more impactful future. 🚀

Empowering Social Innovation Organizations

As part of our partnership with Nova Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, 3xP Global will be providing support to social organizations in the form of capacity building, mentorship, and insightful feedback sessions. Our goal is to nurture these organizations, helping them grow and maximize their impact on society.

Pitch Sessions and Encouragement

But our involvement doesn't stop there! Our dedicated team will also actively engage in pitch sessions, pushing aspiring entrepreneurs to step up their game. We believe in the potential of these visionary leaders and are determined to support their journey to success.

The Social Leapfrog Program

Together with Nova Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, we will be working on enhancing the capacity of social organizations, with a special focus on the Social Leapfrog Program. This program is designed to catapult social ventures to new heights and drive positive change in their respective communities.

A Vision for a Fairer, Brighter, and More Impactful Future

Be sure to stay tuned for more updates on our collaborative efforts and the inspiring impact we're committed to creating.

The future is bright, and together, we will make it even brighter! 🌟

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