Sustainable Investment
September, 2023
3xP Global is strengthening Investment Bonds Between Portugal and Brazil for a Sustainable Future
3xP has a Global Mission for Sustainability, building Bridges Between Cultures

Portugal and Brazil, two nations with a shared rich history, are coming together to explore new investment opportunities that prioritize impact and sustainability. 3xP Global, as a leading expert in investment management, is actively participating in this exciting journey to forge a fair and prosperous future for all.

At various recent events, 3xP Global had the privilege of engaging in discussions and sharing knowledge about investments, impact, and sustainability. These gatherings provided a platform to explore the interconnectedness of Portugal and Brazil and their potential as partners in the realm of responsible investing. It was a remarkable opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and organizations committed to creating positive change.

Duarte Costa, 3xP Global Founder & Managing Partner, has been actively participating in these events from São Paulo. "Our presence serves as a bridge, linking cultures and people from both Portugal and Brazil toward a shared goal of a more balanced and sustainable planet".

The common thread running through these discussions is a shared commitment to a sustainable and equitable future. It's a commitment that recognizes the importance of nurturing our planet, supporting the well-being of all its inhabitants, and ensuring prosperity for generations to come. This commitment transcends borders and fosters collaboration between nations. the links between Portugal and Brazil are not merely geographical or historical; they are evolving into a powerful force for positive change in the world of investment. Together, we are taking significant steps toward a fair and sustainable future for all – one that prioritizes the well-being of people, the health of our planet, and shared prosperity.

The events, promoted by Pinheiro Neto Advogados, The Portuguese Chamber at São Paulo, and VdA, underscore the shared mission between Portugal and Brazil. This mission is to raise investments that respect our planet and the people who call it home. It's about creating opportunities that not only yield financial returns but also make a positive impact on society and the environment.

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