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March, 2024
3xP Global Engages with Sustainable and Impact Investments Ecosystem: A Recap of Recent Events
By participating in events that promote collaboration, innovation, and positive social change, 3xP reaffirms its dedication to making a meaning.

In the dynamic landscape of sustainable and impact investments, 3xP Global has been actively participating in significant events, underscoring its commitment to driving positive change and fostering innovation. Here's a brief overview of some recent contributions:

1. Rede de Incubadoras de Inovação Social (RIIS) Official Meeting: 3xP Global proudly integrated Rede de Incubadoras de Inovação Social's meeting, organized by RIIS. This event served as a convergence point for 16 incubators and 40 professionals dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and communities. Henrique Sim-Sim, stated the pioneering nature of the initiative, highlighting its role in strengthening regional ecosystems to catalyze the growth of social solutions. Our Bárbara Leão de Carvalho, 3xP Global Impact Investments Partner,  emphasized the collaborative mission of 3xP Global, emphasizing the importance of driving innovation and positive impact collectively.

Rede de Incubadoras Meeting

2. Bárbara Leão de Carvalho recently participated in The Entrepreneurs Fund by Repsol Foundation's program event. The event brought together over 140 founders, experts, and ecosystem members, igniting an impactful discussion on supporting startups to spearhead a sustainable energy transition. Bárbara, alongside António Martins Victor (Repsol), Ane de Arino, Natalia Cortina & Homayoun Bagheri (Fundación Repsol), and Filipe Reina Fernandes (Windcredible), championed the cause of fostering innovation in the energy sector. They focused on driving a sustainable energy transition with innovative startups. Kudos to all, StartUp Lisboa!

The Entrepreneurs Fund - Fundación Repsol

3. LISPOLIS Ignite's Bootcamp 3xP Global was honored to participate in LISPOLIS Ignite's bootcamp, an event dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. Bárbara Leão de Carvalho, PhD, represented 3xP Global at the bootcamp, sharing valuable insights on the pivotal role of marketing in driving business growth, particularly within startups operating in the energy and sustainability sectors. The bootcamp provided an intense yet enriching experience, offering a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Bárbara's participation exemplified 3xP Global's commitment to igniting innovation and driving meaningful change within the sustainable and impact investments ecosystem.

Lispolis Ignite Bootcamp #1

These recent participantions underscore 3xP Global's proactive approach to advancing sustainable and impact-driven initiatives. By participating in events that promote collaboration, innovation, and positive social change, 3xP Global reaffirms its dedication to making a meaningful difference in the world. As the company continues to engage with stakeholders and drive forward its mission, it remains poised to catalyze transformative impact within the sustainable investments landscape.

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