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November, 2023
3xP Global Discuss Innovation and Collaboration at Web Summit
Reversepitch sessions and Impact & Blue Economy were the highlighted topics

The energy was palpable at Web Summit, one of the most anticipated gatherings in the global tech calendar. 3xP Global presence was not just about participation; it was about fostering meaningful connections and delving into the world of investment through the innovative Reversepitch sessions, promoted by ICEX.

Engaging Startups with Venture Capital Firms

The Reversepitch sessions at Web Summit provided an unparalleled opportunity for startups to engage directly with a diverse array of Venture Capital Firms. It was a platform where ideas collided, visions aligned, and the seeds of potential collaborations were sown. This format allowed for a more interactive and dynamic exchange.

Round 1: A Stage of Expertise

In the first round, Rita Branco shared the stage with Rui Rodrigues (Indico Capital Partners), João Miguel Dias (Armilar), Megan Cohen (Pegasus Tech Ventures), and Santiago Canalejo Lasarte (TheVentureCity). This convergence of minds created an environment where insights flowed freely, and innovation insights were shared.

Round 2: Another Wave of Expertise

Round 2 continued the momentum with Duarte Costa, joined by Romain (Satgana), Paulo Emediato (Oxygea), and Francisco Belo (BlueCrow Capital). The stage was set for a dynamic exchange of ideas, experiences, and perspectives. These sessions weren't just about pitches; they were about weaving a tapestry of knowledge and collaboration that spans the global tech ecosystem.

Duarte Costa at Reversepitch Session

We extend our special thanks to ICEX for the invitation and the opportunity to be part of this vibrant and transformative event. It's through partnerships and collaborations like these that the global tech ecosystem thrives, and we are honored to play a role in this dynamic landscape.

Bárbara Leão Carvalho discusses Impact & Blue Economy at Casa do Impacto

Besides, 3xP Global integrated Impact & Blue Economy discussion at Casa do Impacto innovation track. "What is technology doing for the environment?" was the starting point and was interesting to understand that it is only possible through a systemic approach, always towards a fair impact in our ecosystem. Bárbara Leão Carvalho shared the stage with Federico Cristoforoni from Net Zero Insights, Assuncao Loureiro from SeatheFuture, and Ruben Eiras from Forum Oceano. Excellent talks, on the Websummit week, that we're proud to be part of. Congrats Casa do Impacto.

As we reflect on our Web Summit journey, we look forward to translating these connections into impactful collaborations that shape the future of technology and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates as 3xP Global continues to drive innovation and collaboration in the ever-evolving tech landscape. 🚀✨

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