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May, 2024
3xP Global at SIM Conference: Rita Branco Moderated Impact in Action Panel
The Startups & Investment Matching event showcased strategic networking's power in propelling startups toward success.

3xP Global proudly participated in the SIM Conference, where Rita Branco moderated the "Impact in Action: Business & Investment Practices" session. Alongside António Miguel and Paul Miller, the panel delved into key topics like Impact Investing Strategies, Measuring Impact, Social Entrepreneurship, Sustainable Business Models, Impact Reporting and Transparency, and Regulatory Considerations.

The discussion emphasized aligning investments with social and environmental goals. It explored methodologies for tracking and demonstrating investment effectiveness, addressed the challenges and opportunities for social entrepreneurs, and highlighted the importance of balancing profit with purpose. The panel stressed the need for transparent impact reporting and explored navigating evolving impact investment regulations.

Fostering Connections and Innovation

The SIM Conference, organized by Startup Portugal, effectively matched entrepreneurs, startups, and investors, fostering meaningful connections and driving results. This event served as a catalyst for innovation, learning, and impactful connections. 3xP Global is honored to have played a significant role in this event, contributing to the dialogue on impact investing and sustainable business practices. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to promoting strategies that drive both economic and social value, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

Discover the transformative power of connecting startups with investors and join us in celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship and impact at future events like SIM Conference. 🚀💡

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