November, 2023
3xP Global and Bio4Dreams sign strategic partnership
3xP Global supports and accelerates the growth of innovative life science startups in the South East Europe ecosystem.

3xP Global has just signed a partnership with Bio4Dreams (, the first privately owned Italian incubator certified by the Ministry of Economic Development focused on life science innovative startups.

By signing this agreement, Bio4Dreams and 3XP Global intend to offer innovative life science startups operating in the South East European area an opportunity to leverage solid track record in industrial asset management with extended expertise focused on the development of early stage entrepreneurial projects.

“We are thrilled about the potential of this collaboration and eager to contribute to the expansion of life science innovation in the South East European ecosystem. Together with Bio4Dreams, we look forward to making a lasting impact on this exciting journey" refers Duarte Costa, 3xP Global Founder & Managing Partner.

Bio4Dreams CSO, Fabio Bianco, highlighted that “We are extremely excited to sign this strategic partnership agreement with our Portuguese friends at 3XP Global. By joining forces and complementary expertise, we expect to deliver novel tools and solutions to life science startups enabling their fast growth, and mitigating their development risks”.

Stay tunned for the next chapters.

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